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I think most people have an interest in vampires. Whether for erotic reasons or their version of evil, the fascination with the undead is as old as time.

As of late, vampires have been very popular, thanks to the Twilight saga, HBO’s True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. The bloodsuckers are everywhere, and some are wondering when they will return to their coffins and stay there.

But, there may be a chance vampires will continue to remain popular for some time, and I certainly hope so. After all, I will be releasing a vampire book this coming summer as an E-book. If all goes well, I’ll write two more books, thus making a trilogy.

When asked what my book is about, I tend to say: “The bad news is, my book is about vampires. The good news is, the vampire is the villain/antagonist”,

Sounds humorous, but will potential readers roll their eyes, complain of yet another vampire book on the market and move on to something else? It’s highly possible, and I might be taking a risk releasing my book to the world.

However, I don’t believe all is lost. I believe there’s still room for vampires to be read about by readers. This is because there are some people who read that genre religiously, and not just teenagers going through a phase. I actually know a few who collect books by Anne Rice, obsess over True Blood and The Vampire Diaries. It is because of those people that the vampire genre will not die (pardon the pun), even when the fad fades.

Yes, trends come and go, and I remember vampires being huge when I was in junior high. Interview With The Vampire had come to movie theaters and it was a big hit. My friends and I developed an interest in the undead and started reading not only Ms. Rice, but also YA books by R.L. Stine and Christopher Pike. The latter’s series, The Last Vampire was popular among us, and it had an effect on the vampires I wrote about in my novel.

But eventually, the vampire fad calmed down after a few years. Then in 2009, it erupted again with Twilight and vampires seem to be everywhere – though it does feel like the genre will calm down again until it rises ten years from now. I think that because the last Twilight movie will be out in November, and after that, vampires will officially come passe – although how True Blood and The Vampire Diaries do on the Nielsen ratings will determine if the fad really is over.

So, whether the vampire trend will remain alive for some time or go to sleep remains to be seen. I really think those two shows I mentioned will signal the end or the continuation of the fad. Personally, as a fan of True Blood, I hope it will continue because the show is funny, sexy and exciting to watch.

Anyway, passing fad or not, vampires will always strike the imagination of the general public. They represent immortality, sex, and unlimited powers and freedom. They are creatures of the night, a time of seduction and mystery. As long as most people see that, vampires will be around for as long as they have been already. Whether they are enormously popular or have a cult following depends on the time period.