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This September, I will be uploading my book onto Kindle. I will be doing this all on my own, without the use of E-publishing company and without going the traditional route.

In other words, I’ll be self-publishing. Now, is that a bad move?

One of the reasons why I am going to self-publish is because I like the idea of the control of I would have over my book, and selling and promoting it. I also didn’t like to idea of waiting a year and a half for my book to be published by a major publisher – if it reached that point.

But I am also aware of the stigma towards self-publishers. I’ve heard rumors of them producing “lousy” work filled with typos and poor grammar, that their covers are of poor quality, and overall their story just isn’t good.

Maybe there is some truth to those self-pubbed authors, but I am certain not all are like that. Go to the Absolute Writers Forum and you’ll see threads of such writers talking excitedly of their success, showing off their well designed covers and working with editors and beta readers. Of course, there are some who argue that they could’ve gone to a publisher and see even more success.

But then there’s David Gaughran who has done very well for a self-published author. He’s one of those who champions the self-published venture.

So, am I making mistake going into self-publishing? Time will tell, to be honest. It’s all up to how I promote my book, which I am completely up for. I like social media and blogging, so I wouldn’t mind doing all that work.

I don’t expect my book to be a huge hit and I’ll be the next Amanda Hocking. No, I’m being realistic about this. I may start off well and then the sales will slide significantly. That, or nothing will happen for months, and then my sales will take off out of nowhere.

I think this is the best time to self-publish. The technology allows it to happen, and as long as E-publishing does not turn into the way it is with traditional publishers (ie, the literary agents, going along with market trends), this is an exciting time for self-publishers. And I am looking forward to it!