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I was checking out the latest headlines this morning when I saw that actor Russell Crowe is being considered for the latest version of Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Apparently, director Eli Roth is in talks to make the Warner Bros. backed Harker, which is about vampire hunter Jonathan Harker butting heads with Dracula. It emerged today that the Oscar-winning actor Crowe may play the legendary vampire.

This certainly surprised me for two reasons. First off, I was surprised that Hollywood would want to make another movie based on the vampire classic. I believe the 1992 Francis Ford Coppola version is very well done, and I used to watch it frequently as a young teenager. But Hollywood is into recycling, so it figures.

But I was also surprised to learn that Crowe himself might play Dracula.

I simply cannot see Crowe play this role. Maybe its his stocky physique and the fact that he’s kind of old to portray the eternally young, strong Dracula. Yes, he’s a good actor, but…I don’t know, he just doesn’t seem to fit. In my head right now, I am comparing him to Gary Oldman in the Francis Ford Coppola flick. Nah, I really can’t see Russell Crowe play the evil, yet mysterious creature with a really funky accent.

If they do go ahead with this project, I will be hoping that it will out-do the 1994 version, which stayed as close to Bram Stoker’s book as possible. I adored the soundtrack by Wojciech Kilar (one of my all-time favorites), the costumes were amazing, and the acting was pretty decent. It was oozed with sexuality, which made this movie fun to watch. It was also not gory like many horror films, though there was plenty of blood – naturally, it was a vampire story.

So I really like Coppola’s film and if Warner Bros. allows this Harker movie to be done, well I could only hope it is done well. How many times do we see a remake and say, “I liked XYZ’s version a lot better”?