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I’ve been meaning to post an excerpt to my upcoming book, The Dark Proposal, for a while, and now I at last have a reason!

Last week, fellow writer Victoria Pearson nominated a few authors she knew on Twitter for the 777 challenge – which is when you “take 7 sentences from either page 7 or 77 on your current WIP”.

I was one of those she nominated and I’m finally getting around to posting my 777. So here it is:

“Like I told you last week, this is another side to me you’re getting to know.”
“But what if I don’t like this side? I mean, you’re a murderer.”
“I’m only doing what I need to protect myself and my kind. And also, it is in my nature.” Daniel came back to the dining room with the bottle of wine and two wine glasses. She watched as he poured the wine.

That passage is from page 77 of my novel, which will be uploaded onto Kindle September 14th! So mark your calendars!