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Sunday saw the season finale of True Blood’s fifth season. It had been a long, lackluster season for me, and I was hoping for a good finale to make up for all the dullness. I figured most of what happened this season will carry over to next year, and I’m pretty damn right.

However, I had no way of predicting how much this show will veer off course.

Holy shit, did this finale leave me confused and disappointed. The previous finales always gave me excitement over what could happen next year and leave me dreading over waiting months for the new season.

But this time, I am not looking forward to next year.

Where do I start?

OK, I thought Russel Edgington died too soon and not fantastically enough. I love to hate this guy! And he goes so soon? OK, it was good for Eric to finally kill his nemesis, but I was expecting a bigger battle. But no…

What was with Maurella giving birth to quadruplets? How silly! Oh, and don’t even mention her orgasmic labor. I take it that scene was supposed to be funny, but it was far too overdone to me.

Then came the last few minutes. I loved how Sam killed that annoying vampire by making her explode, and how Luna told the world what the Authority was doing. But now it looks like she may be dying. Or is that a cliffhanger that won’t have much of a story next time?

Then came the moment when Salome and Bill were to finally face off. I guess all viewers of True Blood saw this happening, but not sure how it will go about. Interesting how Bill laced Lilith’s blood with silver but kept some for himself. Certainly shows you how evil and power-hungry he has become, and how blind Sookie was to his true self.

So, Sookie was unable to get through to Bill and he drank Lilith’s blood. He then dies. I thought, Shit! Bill is dead! They finally killed a major character! What will happen next year?

The answer came a few moments later when Bill emerged from his own blood as a vampire god – kind of how Lilith was throughout this season.

That was when I thought, What the f*ck?

And I knew I could not be excited for next year’s True Blood. I just couldn’t feel the anticipation of what season 6 will bring. I found Bill being reincarnated as the male version of Lilith was beyond stupid and I wonder if the writers for this show have gotten lost and don’t know what to do with the show now.

I always felt this season’s theme – the religion of the vampires – was bizarre and didn’t make much sense. It seemed like the writers wanted to prove once and for all that vampires were indeed evil and that was why. But to me, it didn’t help much.

So now what? Is Bill going terrorize Bon Temps as a vampire god? Is he going to battle Eric forever? Is Sookie going to be in more danger than ever? And will all this conflict result in one massive finale for season 6, and even more so, the entire series?

While watching this season, I got the impression that since most of the story lines this time around won’t be resolved by the finale and will carry over into next season. For that one, there will be a major war between the vampires, humans, faeries, werewolves and shifters, and that would be the end of True Blood. It could happen.

But with Bill as an evil vampire god? It’s like the writers didn’t want to get rid of him for some reason. He should’ve stayed dead, and Eric and Sookie would hook up again. Mind you, I’m not exactly on Team Eric here, I just felt that would make more sense.

But Bill had to rise up from his blood.

And where the hell is Warlow? This whole season hyped him up and nothing happened. I expected him to appear for this episode and possibly get into a duel with Russell. But no, I guess we’ll have to wait till next time.

I don’t know if I want to wait till next time. I was really disappointed with this finale. I may be in the minority, and maybe I need time to think this over, but I feel no anticipation and only bewilderment over how this season ended.

I’ll tune in next June to see what happens. Hopefully things will work out.

It’s cool Tara is a vampire and has found love with Pam. Poor Jessica is alone again. Jason is on a mission to destroy vampires, and Alcide is a pack master at last. Lafayette is back to his wise-cracking self. That’s all good.

But…meh. Part of me wonders if the actors read the script to this episode and reconsidered their contract with this show.

EDIT TO ADD: OK, so I saw the extra scene where Jason is looking for Warlow and Nora seems scared of Warlow. That makes me interested in next year, but I am still not buying Bill as a vampire god. Nope. Sorry!