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There’s something that is going on with the vampire genre that doesn’t make sense to me. I’ve been noticing it for a few years now.

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Why are vampires nowadays saying they are going to “eat” people?

Last I checked, eating is about consuming solid food by chewing before swallowing it. Blood is not a solid, so it cannot be eaten. It is to be drunk, sucked, slurped, either one of those things.

When a vampire says “I am going to eat you” it does not make sense. Sure, they bite into their prey, but that is all there is to the teeth action.

Also, by having a vampire say he or she is going to “eat” people, it gives images of zombies and cannibals, something a vampire is not. These creatures are blood suckers, not brain or human flesh eaters!

Is this another case of bad English running amok? Just like so many people out there do not know which there/they’re/their to use, I can’t help but wonder if having a vampire say “eat” is another case of English grammar deteriorating minute by minute.

If I am missing the point somewhere, please feel free to inform me. 🙂