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I have some exciting news for anyone looking for a good vampire book to read. My novel The Dark Proposal will be free on Kindle tomorrow and Wednesday – October 30th and October 31st – in honor of Halloween. I know it sounds a bit cliched to sell my book for free during these days, but hey, my book is a vampire thriller and this time of year is perfect for it.

Click here to check it out!

In other news, as someone who lives in New York City, I am riding out Hurricane Sandy as I type away. It is 1:30pm now, and so far, it is like a bad rainstorm where I am with a lot of wind and rain. But in other areas where I live, streets have turned into rivers – and it’s not over yet. The winds keep picking up. I am grateful, though, that my neighbors had enough sense to cut down their massive trees before Hurricane Irene hit last year. Yet, anything could happen.

But I have my cell phone charged, books to read, my flashlight ready along with extra batteries. I’m hoping for the best and praying to survive whatever disaster happen.

If you’re in the East Coast getting hit, about to get hit, or was already hit, stay strong and stay safe!