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I know some say this is the Golden Age of TV, but damn, I have been watching TV a lot lately. Not even three years ago, I hardly ever looked at that thing – with the exception of CNN or NatGeo. I did used to watch “America’s Next Top Model” religiously – but luckily I grew up and a got a life.

But these days…damn! Sunday nights are quite busy for me now. First off, I have “Once Upon A Time” and then I have “Girls” right after. On Wednesdays, I watch “The Americans” on FX. I also catch up on “The Daily Show” OnDemand. These days, though, I have to balance between “Once Upon A Time” and that History miniseries, “The Bible”. Right after comes the new show on the same channel, “The Vikings”. I’ll be watching that OnDemand.

But! In a few weeks, I’ll be hyperventilating as I get ready for the season premiere of “Game of Thrones”. I discovered the series late last May after hearing so much buzz about it, and now I am so addicted to the program. I am starting to do a recap by watching both seasons OnDemand to gear up for Season 3 on March 31st! Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo

That could brighten up my Sundays. I hate to say this, but I’m starting to lose interest in “Once Upon A Time”. This past Sunday’s episode is starting my long awaited decline. I guess I’m overly optimistic about my shows even when they’re sinking fast. But I’m beginning to lose faith in this program. Far too many crumbling relationships, confusing storylines, and characters not making sense anymore. It is not as exciting as it used to be. With this past episode, I am disappointed that Snow White/Mary Margaret will go over to the dark side, even though her getting nasty was bound to happen. But did she really have to go from being so good to be hell-bent on wanting to commit murder? And Cora is too evil to be believable. While I knew she was responsible of the death of Snow White’s mother, her killing Johanna was too much. She’s now a caricature of evil, which means it is overdone. And what is with Regina? The show’s writers clearly don’t know whether to make her try to be good or be pure evil. Her character is really all over the place this season.

Anyway, I’m disappointed. But then again, when “Once Upon A Time” first started, I thought it should’ve been a miniseries or a movie. To make it a series to last several season is make confusing, endless storylines that will mess up the story – and sure enough, it is.The_Americans_Intertitle

On FX, “The Americans” is amazing. It is deep and really makes me think. As I watch Philip and Elizabeth Jenkins live their average American lives while being undercover KGB agents, I find it hard to fathom how they could literally lie to their own children as they are. Sure, spies have done that for decades – and still do it to this day all over the world. But wow, it really boggles my mind that anyone would have such commitment to their cause or government, that they would deceive their own flesh and blood.

But I also worry that this is another show that should’ve been a movie or miniseries. Hopefully, it doesn’t self-destruct like “Once Upon A Time” is or like “True Blood” did last year. I likely will not watch Season 6 this year, as I am still annoyed that the show was ruined itself, as displayed here in this post I wrote right after the season finale. Game_of_Thrones_title_card

However, I’ve got “Game of Thrones” to look forward to! This better be awesome! I hope George R.R. Martin finishes the last book in time, and I also hope HBO keeps its budget for the next several seasons. They had a problem with their series a few years ago called “Rome” which only lasted two seasons because they basically couldn’t afford to produce it anymore. But I have faith “Game of Thrones” will survive.

But yeah, I do watch too much TV. For someone trying to shed some pounds, this is absurd 🙂