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Confession: I am one of the many who has spent most of the past year gushing and biting my nails over the HBO series Game of Thrones.

OK, that’s not really a confession because there are plenty who’ve been having the same sentiments. But I am so excited for the premiere of Season 3 Sunday March 31st that I literally have been obsessing over GoT during this month. I actually squeal when I see the trailers, I’ve been recapping the last two seasons on Time Warner Cable’s OnDemand, and I’ve been straining myself from doing too much research or else I’ll know too much about what happens to many of the characters.  game_of_thrones-logo

I know that sounds crazy, but damn that show gets me going. I love the intrigue, the suspense, the twists and surprises. GoT is all around complex – the characters, the storyline, the history, the motivations of everyone involved.

It is also so real. Even though GoT is a fantasy tale set in a medieval world, the conflicts and challenges each character faces is similar to our own. Even though honor and justice are considered good, those traits simply cannot be used in a cut-throat (literally) world where everyone is looking out for themselves and the big picture is all that matters. So what if someone is a lying, stealing cheat? A business needs to be run, the neighborhood needs peace, or you have to survive high school. It sucks, we all hate that fact. But that’s the truth of both our world and the world of Westeros.

I also like how most of the characters in Game of Thrones cannot be seen in black and white, and could only be seen in their gray – except of course, King Joffrey, who is solidly evil. Some of them lean towards the dark side, like Littlefinger and Theon Greyjoy, but you also have to consider their motives in order to understand and maybe sympathize a bit with them. After all, how many more characters do you need to make you seethe with rage?

Check out WinterisComing.net - great site!

Check out WinterisComing.net – great site!

Others have traits that are annoying and unlikable, like Sansa Stark. Sure, she’s snobby and naive, but when you step back and look at her situation, you can consider her a survivor. She witnesses the unexpected beheading of her father, then is forced to look at his head on a spike by the young man she was once infatuated with. She then spends weeks as a hostage surrounded by untrustworthy people, being beaten and tormented by King Joffrey in front of the whole court, having Queen Cersei needle her with her condescending pet name (I hate it when Cersei called her “little dove”), and believing her family is in danger or dead. She was alone in her situation and some people can fall apart in that situation. I’m not saying Sansa is a totally strong character, but I wouldn’t wish rape or death on her like some people do.

Anyway, I’m really excited for this coming season. I am also agonizing over it. I’ve heard some beloved characters die and I don’t want to believe it is true. I know many die in the books and HBO has to bring that onto the small screen, but damn! Yeah, it’s a violent game they’re playing, but NO!!!

I’m also looking forward to seeing the White Walkers and winter spreading over Westeros. Daenerys’ dragons should be amazing to watch. And also, gotta watch Tyrion – the best character on the show. Is there anyone who does not like the Imp? Didn’t think so.

Before I sign off, I’m giving you this humorous video to entertain you until March 31st. You might want to sing the words once Game of Thrones Season 3 begins!