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The trailer for the HBO series True Blood’s sixth season has been getting some attention, as well as rumors of spoilers and casting. The trailers and reports have some fans of the show excited for the new season, to start June 16th.

Me? I’m still on the fence of whether to watch this season or not.

You may remember my irritation about how Season 5 ended last year. Like many, I was so disappointed with the direction True Blood went that I was pretty sure I could not watch the show anymore. The last season was dull and confusing, and the whole idea of Bill becoming “Bilith” was ridiculous to me.

While I feel True Blood jumped the shark, I confess that I may watch this upcoming season, despite my vow back in August not to.

Not that I will be as enthusiastic with previous seasons. I doubt I will be excited to hear the theme song “Bad Things” by Jace Everett or to find out what becomes of the previous season’s cliffhanger. I know for sure I won’t be sitting forward with eagerness when I turn on HBO June 16th.

And if the season is much like last year’s, chances are I’ll just catch episodes from OnDemand, whenever I get around to them. If by chance this upcoming season redeems last year’s – there’s a new set of writers now – I’ll be amazed and very intrigued about how the work out everything.

And honestly, there are some characters that I would like to see again. Jessica is one that I’ve gotten to like more and more. Her transformation from newborn vampire to a mature one is really cool to watch, plus she kicks ass. Jason Stackhouse may be clueless in many ways, but it’s kind of cute. Pam is always funny, and it will be interesting to see how her relationship with Tara develops – and Tara’s new life as a vampire is something to watch. And Eric Northman is always a reason to watch this show – from his hotness to his sneakiness.

But that’s it. Some characters I don’t think belong on the show anymore because there is no storyline left for them, and others are either boring or annoying. Even Sookie Stackhouse, the main character, is no longer a draw for me. How many times does her life have to be in danger? Seriously, you’d think she would have PTSD by now.

So, I’ll give True Blood Season 6 a chance this June. I’m not excited, but I’m just curious what happens. But I don’t expect to be impressed.