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The second trailer for the HBO series, True Blood came out this week – and I must confess, it makes me want to tune in June 16th, 9pm on the dot.

But let’s remember that last year was not very good – in fact it was lousy. Remember my rant last year? There may be more of that lousiness for Season 6. But what intrigues me is that this could be the final season – based on what the trailer implies – and I always thought the finale will be the final showdown between humans and vampires, plus everyone else. Too bad the events shown in Season 5 that lead up to this showdown were bizarre. Having a vampire religion and a holy book was odd to me, though I guess it was to show how religious fundamentalists cause a lot of problems in this world. But it could’ve been done differently, I believe.

I hope the humor returns this season. One reason why I love this show is because of the great one-liners and the way True Blood practically makes fun of itself (my all time favorite was when Eric called Sookie “Snooki” – that was bound to happen, and it was great when it did!). But Season 5 was very dry and dull, so the humor needs to return or else this season will be just as poor.

It would be great to see Jessica evolve more as a vampire. Even though she’s a secondary character, her maturity from baby vampire to a kick-ass one has been great to watch. I’m sure she’ll be doing a lot to save the vampires, or try to, depending on what happens this time.

Pam and Tara’s relationship is another thing to watch. So is Jason, one of my favorite characters. He’s an airhead like his sister, but it makes him adorable somehow. I also hope Sookie has more of a storyline this time because last season she seemed to be just there, and it was more about Bill’s decent into insanity. Oh, and based on that trailer, I really would like to see if he really does come out of his madness and realizes what he’s done. He probably does because he and Jessica are holding each other for dear life in the trailer.

I do think this may be the final season, even though it hasn’t been announced at all. It should be if it is. If it isn’t, I would really like to see how Season 7 goes after all this chaos. There’s too much going on for this not to be the last season, but since there’s no official word – just speculation – maybe there’s more ahead. Which wouldn’t be a good idea to me.

In the meantime, Season 6 better be good!