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While I usually prefer to do my writing in public places such as coffee shops and Panera Bread, I do some of my work at home. Writing in public helps me focus more, and being at home kind of distracts me. But I’ve found ways to keep my eyes on my writing.

Some authors play music when they write, and when I write at home, I am one of them. I find playing my iTunes is what maintains my attention. However, the right genres have to be used. There’s no way I could write anything with my favorite music acts playing (my preferred genre is usually rock music).

So what do I listen to? New Age, Celtic, soundtrack scores and just basic instrumentals. Go ahead, laugh. Not only do I find these genres relaxing, but they are the soundtrack to my work.

Here are my favorite songs:

This is from the 1992 film “The Last of the Mohicans”. This piece, “Promentory” by Trevor Jones, grabbed me when I first heard it as a young teenager. Starts slowly and then it explodes. Lovely! I’ve noticed this song is popular among those who enjoy soundtrack scores.

Ah, Enya. Can’t go wrong with her! This is my favorite by her, and it really grabs my attention.

This is Mark Isham’s “My Wife With Champagne Shoulders”, and it’s one of my all time favorite instrumental pieces. It’s amazing how music with no singing can hold your interest.

Canadian New Age Marcomé is my latest favorite to my writing soundtrack. So ethereal!

And I cannot forget Enigma – one my all time favorite acts, writing or not. I had a hard time choosing a song by this musical project, so I went with one that has great beats and a lovely voice.

I’m curious as to what you listen to in order to work – whether it’s writing, painting or even just a plain 9-5 job. Share the music!