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So the Emmy nominations came and went, and sadly none of those of I was hoping to be nominated were mentioned Thursday morning. Lana Parrilla didn’t make the cut, and neither did Keri Russell. Peter Dinklage got a nod, but that’s because he won once before and it’s almost a given.

But I have to admit that I was livid that Orphan Black’s Tatiana Maslany was not nominated at all. Yes, I know she’s a newcomer on a lesser known show on a less popular station. But still. I’m one of those people jumping mad, insisting she was not snubbed, but robbed. Ugh. Here’s hoping the Hollywood Foreign Press will give her the recognition she deserves for the upcoming Golden Globes.

OK, moving on. The sixth season of True Blood is still going, and I must say that I am liking this season. The writers are doing quite a good job cleaning up the mess from Season 5, where it was dull and nothing made sense. I like how the writers are explaining what Bill Compton is now, even though to me, it contradicts what was happening last year. I feel the take on Andy Bellefleur’s faerie daughters was hilarious. I was laughing when they went from 10 year olds to 16 year olds in a matter of seconds. Last year, I rolled my eyes in disgust when they were born, because I felt the writers were being silly. But it has worked out for the best. Too bad Jessica killed all but one, making me dislike her even I was always cheering her on.

Speaking of which, isn’t it kind of odd that as the show has progressed, Sookie’s sweet smelling faerie blood is pointed out more? I get it that we weren’t supposed to know she’s half fae until halfway through Season 3, but it is still odd to now see vampires act like drug addicts around her. You’d think if Jessica couldn’t control herself around Bellefleur’s quadruplets, she would’ve mention how Sookie smells so good before. Yeah, yeah, I know. It’s just a story and it works. You know, cutting to the chase like I once explained?

I’m a bit nervous for Sunday’s episode. I heard the rumors that Eric Northman dies this season. And the tagline says “no one lives forever”. Yikes. True Blood without the hot Alexander Skarsgård. I can’t even fathom it…

Speaking of Sunday TV shows, I’m watching the BBC America show, Copper. This program makes me want to seriously research my Irish family history and see if any of my ancestors lived in Five Points in the 1860s. I really should.

What’s been really awesome is that on Twitter, I’ve interacted with one of the show’s actors and one of their writers! A couple of weeks ago, there was a love scene between the characters Matthew and Sarah Freeman. Ato Essandoh, the actor who plays Matthew, tweeted “That’s my ass!”

And here’s how that went:

He also favorited and retweeted what I said an hour later for the West Coast audience. Ha! I was acknowledged by one of my favorite show’s actors! Awesome! Gotta love Twitter for that.

Oh yeah, I’ve been watching Under the Dome on CBS. It’s OK. Some episodes seem stale, though. But it is a good story idea: imagine being trapped in your small town by a massive dome. Yep, that’s a nightmare right there.

I know. I watch too much TV. But I swear I am not a couch potato. I actually lost 25 pounds this past year. You can ask my doctor!