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I’ve been reading since early elementary school. I got my first library card in first grade and I took books out every month by the handful. I was an avid reader then, and I still am now.

Image via Flickr

Image via Flickr

However, things are little different. I am an author now, with an eBook on the market. While writing my book, I learned how to be mindful of every word I chose, every information I put down pertaining to the plot, characters, and background story, and even the pacing. Writing a novel can certainly make you more aware of how a story comes about.

Yet, when I read for my own pleasure, I feel the need to critique as I go along rather than just enjoy the book. I don’t know if it is because I’m an author myself, but I can’t help but wonder what should’ve or could’ve happened, what is the meaning behind a character’s name, and so on.

Sometimes, I manage to turn off that critic and just read, like an ordinary reader. But then I wonder if I am forgetting that I am an author, and I should be aware of plot holes or unlikable characters. I normally don’t demand much from my books. I like to escape into a different world and if the ride is good, that is all that matters. This may be because I have a lot on my mind in my life already, so reading is definitely escapism for me.

So what happens when you want to sit and read for leisure? Do you find yourself more alert to the words and information? Or do you revert back to being just a reader and save being an author for another time?

BLOG NOTE: I’ll be out of town this weekend, so you’ll hear from me again next week 🙂