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I watched HBO’s True Blood this past Sunday. I was giving the show another chance after its lousy fifth season last year, and I thought the writers were doing well at cleaning up the mess from that season.

But now I think True Blood has officially jumped the shark. It is beyond redemption now.

Last week, I was getting the feeling the show was once again losing direction. Firstly, the storyline with Terry’s death was being dragged on longer than it needed be. The idea of Sookie considering becoming a faerie vampire wife to Warlow was absurd. Bill being Lilith’s prophet was boring. Jessica hooking up with James isn’t an interesting turn (though that actor is quite hot! I could see him play Daniel Bertrand if my book were to ever be made into a movie). Finally, having Sam get into a relationship with Nicole within days after his girlfriend Luna dies is, to be frank, poor storytelling. And what’s the point of Adilyn Braelyn Charlaine Danika, besides being a helpless target of vampires?

I knew things were getting bad, but I tuned in this week just to see what was going to happen.



Seriously, what is everyone involved with True Blood thinking?

First off, Sarah Newlin is an unlikable villain. Sounds contradictory, but Russel Edgington was a villain who was fun to watch. Sarah is just a solid bitch. I can’t hate to love or love to hate her. She’s annoying and boring. That scene where she killed Ms. Suzuki was overdone and silly. I turned away in disgust because it was so ridiculous. It would’ve been seen as comical to me if I didn’t think True Blood was trying to take itself seriously.

And that’s the problem with True Blood now. For the first four seasons, it was fun, funny and sexy. It was a show for good laughs that was not meant to be taken seriously, even if it was a metaphor for LGBT rights. But now, it is trying to be somber by dropping the “edy” of the term, “dramedy” and appears to be focusing on being a drama with a few quips here and there (Lafayette and Pam never fail to have great one-liners).

This season is supposed to be about the vampires fighting for survival after humans got fed up with them. But this fight is running around in circles, taking twists that do not make sense (Nicole being pregnant? Sookie suddenly wants to be with Sam?), and being dragged out much longer than necessary. The once likable characters have become annoying, and the plot seems to be one big mess.

And the show has been renewed for another season next year. Really? The show has fallen apart, the writers seem lost on what to do, and acting talent is being wasted (harsh, but I’m being blunt here). I get it that as long as True Blood brings in the ratings (alias: money) for HBO, it will stay on air. Which is both sad and absurd because there’s nothing left to salvage the show.

As for me, I’ll watch the final two shows of this season, and probably hurt my eyes by rolling them too much. But I won’t be as focused. I’ll be doing other things while the show is on. Sadly, this is what True Blood is turning into for me: background noise on a Sunday night.

Will I tune in next year? Hopefully I wouldn’t feel the need to have background noise on my Sundays then.