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So, I’ve been nominated for another blog award! Yay me!


Fellow vampire novelist, Franics J. Franklin, nominated me for an award he created for vampire enthusiasts. He nominated a few weeks ago and I’m only getting around to receiving now mainly because I wasn’t sure which vampire to interview. My vampires are the villainous type, so who should I feature while making the interview somewhat entertaining?

After checking out how the other blog award nominees interviewed their characters, I decided to take a big risk and interview…Daniel Bertrand, née Poncher, Claire’s boyfriend who is secretly a bloodthirsty vampire and wants to make her one, too.

Brace yourselves…

MC: Good evening, Daniel.

DB: (bored tone) Evening.

MC: You look well rested. Had a good, er, day?

DB: Yes.

MC: OK, let’s get started. Where do you come from?

DB: I was born nearly 700 years ago in medieval France, in Paris actually. I was the bastard son of a nobleman and a peasant woman. I was a disgrace and treated as such. Even though my father acknowledged me and I was given more privilege than most other illegitimate children in those days, I was still a disgrace. It was a terrible heavy weight on my shoulders.

MC: Who made you, and why? Was it by choice, or was the choice made for you?

DB: Two people played a role in my transformation. I knew Hilde for a couple of years at, what you would call, a pub that she ran with who I thought was her husband. But when the bubonic plague took away my wife and two children, and I thought I was next to go, Hilde offered me eternal life, though not in the way everyone knew back in. She was, and still is, a strong-willed person who really enjoys being in charge and in control. She saw a chance to, I guess, nurture someone who needed it when she met me. She also likes having men at her feet, because its a power trip for her. Michel was the other vampire who transformed me. Hilde took my blood while Michel gave me his. That was done to balance the power struggle between the two, like most couples, and because Michel was recently given the privilege of creating vampires, and I was his first opportunity.

MC: What role does gender play in vampire society?

DB: In many ways, it keeps the same social norms the original vampires, known as the Five Brothers, had from their tribe 5,000 years ago. The men are in charge, but there is room for the women to have a powerful influence too. It’s not like all the female vampires are expected to be passive and submissive. But its more like the men are the gateways of power in our world. Meaning, if a powerful male vampire takes a liking to a strong female one, she gets more leeway. (pauses) Of course, this is more likely because our leaders and originators are male.

MC: What was your first feed/kill like?

DB: (shrugs) I was thirsty. My new instincts set in and I did what I had to do.

MC: But were you upset that you killed someone? You didn’t feel remorse or self-loathing?

DB: (stares coldly at me) You learn to forget about those things once you realize you’ve been given the best life possible.

MC: So, what’s it like to be a vampire? How is it so great?

DB: I have the freedom a human would envy. First of all, I can live forever. Immortality is something every human has dreamed about, and some have searched for it. But the first of our kind found the way, and that is why I honor them so much. Secondly, I have supernatural skills: read and erase thoughts, move at an abnormal speed, the strength of ten men. Any human would be envious of that, and also, it has given me what I’ve wanted. Whether it be wealth, priceless art, or a certain professional opportunity, I can have it, and no human would realize what is happening. And if they do, they’ll be sorry (smiles).

MC: If you live forever, or for thousands of years, and are difficult to kill, and are very strong and powerful… how do you not become a sociopath? And go off and start doing anything you want and acting on any impulse?

DB: We vampires don’t really care about your labels or personality disorder diagnoses. We live in our own separate world with our own norm. You are just a nutrient for us, just like a chicken or a pig is to you.  We care about each other. That’s enough.

MC: Do you miss food, the sun, or your heartbeat more?

DB: I can eat or drink human food, but I don’t need it. It just goes right through my system with little impact. I eat to hide my vampirism. I did miss the sun early on, but as I grew older, I became strong enough to finally go out in it. But I can’t be in the sunlight too long or else it would tire me. As for my heartbeat, I’ve gotten used to that. I’m still living, still moving around, so I don’t need it.

MC: Would you date a werewolf?

DB: A what?

MC: Nevermind. Is sex that much more enhanced than before? Do you feel your sexual drive is greater than before?

DB: After I was made a vampire, my sex drive improved dramatically. I had no fear of going to hell over lust, or how often I had sex or with who. I even learned to push my boundaries in terms of orientation, though I have always leaned more toward women.

MC: If you had the choice to no longer be a vampire – to just be a human again – would you go for it?

DB: I’ve already answered that question.

MC: Well yeah, you did. OK, thank you for your time.

DB: Is this interview over?

MC: Yes it is.

DB: Good, thank you. (gets up and leaves using vampire speed; is gone in an instant).

MC: (shudders) Glad that’s over. As part of this nomination, here are 11 facts about me:

1) This year, I did something a little reversed compared to most people I grew up with. Originally from Staten Island, NY, I moved to Brooklyn back in May. Most people leave Brooklyn to live on Staten Island, but Brooklyn appeal to me more.

2) I have lost over 30 pounds in the last year. Yes I did! I followed the Weight Watchers plan, learned to control my food intake and made wiser dietary decisions. I also am walking a lot more these days.

3) I have been doing yoga on and off for over ten years, and I’m starting it again. I love the physical challenge it brings, but lately I’ve been appreciating its mental challenges too.

4) As I much as I love New York City and enjoying my new life in Brooklyn, I hope to live somewhere else when I’m married and ready to have kids. NYC is great, but it is ridiculously expensive here.

5) I’m adding vegetarian and vegan food to my diet. No, I am not converting, as I am still much the carnivore. I am simply expanding my meal options.

6) I wish I could paint. If I had the time, energy and money, I’d take a painting class. It looks so relaxing, and I’d love to paint flowers or sunsets.

7) If I were allowed to vacation anywhere in the world tomorrow, and it was free, I’d take a train ride up to Quebec. Montreal and Quebec City look so beautiful.

8) I was 13 years old when I first got into vampire stories, and I enjoyed them so much, I honestly wished I could be one! I guess the immortality, supernatural skills, and sensuality of vampires intrigued me too much.

9) If you think that’s bad, in high school, I knew a guy who told everyone that he was a vampire – and he wasn’t kidding either.

10) I once tried to make a skirt on my own as a teen. I saw a skirt made by Jean Paul Gaultier in Seventeen magazine, and since I’ll never be able to afford such clothes, I tried to make a skirt based on that. It didn’t work out though.

11) I’m finally discovering Led Zeppelin. Took me long enough, but I’m glad I did!

NOTE: I know I need to nominate three other vampire bloggers. Unfortunately, most have already been nominated and others don’t appear to do blog awards.