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I’m sure some of you are aware that tonight was the premiere of the much anticipated program, “Dracula” on NBC. Starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, it is supposed to be a retelling of the Dracula tale, with some loyalty to Bram Stoker’s classic along with a new interpretation. I tuned in tonight, all giddy and excited. And also intrigued by how the blood and sex would be depicted because it is network TV.

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Click for source of promo poster

Overall, I am curious about how this show will play out. I like how the show has the same story ideas like Mina Murray being Dracula’s reincarnated love, Dracula relocating to Victorian era London for business purposes, and so on. But there are some aspects I’m not too sure about, and may have to get used to.

This show has woven political statements against the oil industry into this show.  See, this Dracula is out for revenge on this ancient Order of the Dragon, which killed his beloved wife centuries earlier. This time, the Order has evolved into oil tycoons, and Dracula made his hitlist right after his coming out party in London.

NOTE: The Order of the Dragon is obviously a reference to the real Dracula, Vlad Tepes, or Vlad the Impaler. His father, Vlad II, was a member of the Order of the Dragon in the 15th century, with the goal of protecting Christianity in Eastern Europe. I wonder what the writers were thinking with making the Order about the oil tycoons and not Dracula himself.

The last ten minutes show Dracula is not operating alone. Van Helsing practically hired him to knock off his enemies as a sort of deal to bring a truce between their warring orders. I like the twist that Van Helsing supports Dracula. He practically hunted down Dracula’s grave, brought him back to life and brought him to London under the identity of American businessman Alexander Grayson. But I’m not sure if I like the idea of Dracula working for someone. I always saw him as his own person doing his own thing. So this is a new idea that I’m not so sure if I could like, but if it works it may be interesting!

What I am nervous about is what the promos show for the rest of the season. Why, oh why, did they make Dracula another whiny vampire who hates what he is? Come on, enough of that! Dracula always loved what he was and he had no regrets. I know regretful vampires are all the rave these days, but to do it to Dracula is, honestly, an abomination 😉

So Dracula is going to stalk Mina Murray until she falls in love with him…and who knows what will happen. The upper class businessmen will continue to look to destroy the man they know as Alexander Grayson. Also, there is a woman who appears to be part of a secret group of vampire hunters. We saw her practicing her fighting and sword skills before confronting a female vampire, who may have been created by Dracula. Looks like Dracula may be creating his legion of vampires, or there is another vampire around. The show hints Jack the Ripper was actually a vampire.

So, this is definitely a new version of Dracula. It does live up to the tagline, a legend is reborn. I get it that writers may want to experiment with a new take on a favorite horror character, but sometimes those experiment don’t always work out. That being said, I do think there is a chance this show may pull it off if done right. But don’t make Dracula a platform for rants against oil tycoons. Just make a good love story, intrigue and action, and I could be satisfied. Oh yeah, keep it up with the gorgeous period dresses!

And I was satisfied with other parts of this show. I found Jonathan Rhys Meyers delicious as always (yeah, my tweets make that obvious, lol). I was not bothered by his American accent. The network TV sex was hot, though I think I’ve been spoiled rotten by cable TV in that respect. And I do like the Dracula/Van Helsing twist. But the conspiracy aspect may just annoy me, and I hope it doesn’t ruin the show. But we shall see.

Until then, ladies and male-oriented men, here’s something to make you wild, from the first three minutes of the show!