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It’s always good to support your own. In this case, I am supporting fellow Staten Islander Anton Troia, author of “The Last Overseer”. Not only is it exciting to know about other authors from my old home, but Troia’s novel sounds very deep with a lot of points to consider. He also has an interesting perspective on how to pursue your passions despite the risks:

MC: What made you decide to become an author? Anton Troia

AT: I always loved stories, especially science fiction stories. If I had to pick one thing I love about science fiction, it’s how prophetic most of it is! I’m a die hard Trekkie, and I grew up reading Phillip.K. Dick novels, and other prophetic writers such as H.G. Wells, Frank Herbert, and Arthur C. Clarke. And I realized that science fiction was always a good platform for theology. Ever since I was a kid, I dissected the universe, the mathematical rules that orchestrate the cosmos and how it all relates to being human. I always asked myself questions, and I always tend to ask the ones that cannot be answered. At least not yet! And so, I began writing my debut novel, with the idea of wrapping a compelling lesson with a high octane action story, in hopes of shedding light on some of the deeper themes in literature. Overall, The Last Overseer is a theosophical body of work, and so writing this novel was a perfect way to get things off my chest and introduce my story to the world!

MC: You say you are now writing full time. Does that mean you took the plunge, left your job and now write? What advice would you give to any writer who’d like to do the same thing?

AT: I’ve been self-employed now for 2 years, and I work at home. I’m also a property owner, and so I have the opportunity to find the time to live out my dreams. If you’re a writer and want to dedicate all of your time to the very craft you love so dearly, then do it! Make that sacrifice, because sacrifice, willpower and dedication always pays off! Write the story you want to read and don’t let nothing get in your way.

MC: You like to write about the negative impact technology can have on society. Explain why you think this way, and what should society do to solve it?

AT: Ok, this is a great question. I look at technology, and I wonder if we are using it correctly. For example, take a look at the combustion engine…how much longer can we go on with a technology that harms the environment? There are many forests all around the world that have reached their maximum carbon dioxide saturation point. Meaning that they are no longer able to absorb any more Carbon Dioxide. I could go on and on, but my point is, that we had the opportunity to introduce electric cars to the public back in 1908, but the technology was suppressed by the global, industrial complex. It’s easy to understand why too, after all, the world economy thrives on oil. If free energy is introduced to the world, then, what would all the oil people do with their lives?The Last Overseer

Besides the effect fossil fuels have, the method in which some companies are using to harvest crude oil is also a cause for concern. Certain methods such as hydro-fracking are very risky, and some other facilities such as the HAARP installations in Alaska have been rumored to not only aid in weather manipulation, but it is used to scan beneath the Earth’s crust for oil reservoirs. I can only wonder if this is affecting the geology in any malevolent way!

And so, I say, that the only way to solve this climate mess is to move on to the future and go Green, Green, Green! The Earth will heal itself over time.

MC: Why do you weave mythology, paranormal and historical fact with your stories? A lot of authors do this. Explain why you think they do this rather than write about our world as it is?

AT: Writers make for good thinkers, And so, a lot of authors create, theorize and speculate, using real history as a basis for their myth. Once in a while, fundamental science feeds off of religion and seeks to prove more than what was previously chained and measured. I myself, a thinker, spend lots of time thinking about how the metaphysical world relates to our measured world. This drive of mine increased a few years ago after a freaky event that I just couldn’t explain. I began writing my debut novel, “The Last Overseer” in 2010 after having an out of body experience. After experiencing this freaky event, it changed me, because I realized that there was a lot more to our existence, and my eyes were opened to this new world of the paranormal. I gained an affinity for not only the occult and paranormal, but cryptids, mythology, religion, and even new age topics like ancient astronauts and indirect extra-terrestrial evidence. This sudden fascination was exhilarating, and I suddenly felt as if there was a world out there that was previously unknown to me, and until then, I always thought it was limited to science fiction and myth. I mixed up the folklore, science fiction and religion to let readers realize that these topics are not mutually exclusive. I try best to examine all those topics in hopes of determining how they all relate to what you call – “The World as it is”

MC: Why do you choose to write about deep topics such as political or psychological issues?

AT:  I truly feel that we are living in a crucial time and a transition period for humanity in general, and I find that using fiction as a political platform is the best way to get through to people—more than non-fiction I think! I truly believe we are on the cusp of a new industrial age and renaissance, and with every renaissance, comes a shift in consciousness. A lot of this is because of the information age we live in, and a lot is energetic as well. Or what I believe is what Darwin meant when he coined “evolution” I truly believe people are experiencing a consciousness shift right now. And so, I wrote a story, with exaggerated and artistic expressions of political themes that embody many of today’s real world topics, such as Obama-care, socialism, GMO foods, and so on—all I did was add color as well as fantastical elements to these themes.

All in all, the heart of my stories are the characters, and the plot of course. And the message comes third.

MC: What can we expect from Anton Troia in the future?

AT: The sequel to “The Last Overseer” is a work in progress and is moving along smoothly! The 1st draft is complete and I hope to publish it by Spring 2014! I’m also outlining the 3rd and final book in my trilogy as well, and I hope to publish them via traditional publishing models, but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll self publish them and continue to write beyond this first trilogy of mine. Because writing, and bringing though provoking stories to one’s coffee table is what I love to do!

Thanks Megan for having me! If anyone is interested in my work, feel free to take a look at my book’s official website-


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