As I was browsing my usual news site, The Huffington Post, I came across a list called These Stereotypes About Book Lovers Are Absolutely True, And That’s a Good Thing. As I read all 31 examples, I either laughed or rolled my eyes. The list was done in good humor and not meant to be taken seriously, but I just want to share some of the examples with everyone: woman-reading

1) You Never Leave Home Without a Book:
Ha ha, yep! I always have a book with me while commuting to work or some other areas that will take me a while to get to.

4) This might be because you have issues with letting go of your prized editions, and could probably be diagnosed as a hoarder.
I still have a large box of books left at my parents’ because I couldn’t fit all of my books into my new place. I’m having difficulty letting go of some of them!

7) But that doesn’t stop you from being obnoxiously pushy and opinionated about your favorite books.
Actually, I get this way with books I despised. Yep, I’m bad 😦

11) Author biographies and Wikipedia pages are your celebrity tabloids…
Not really, but I do like reading them

12) …although part of you may only be interested in how famous writers became so well-loved, because you secretly know that you yourself are only one page away from starting the Great American Novel.
Well, sort of 🙂

17) But regardless of your stance [on eReaders or books], you poured one out when Borders finally shut down…
Oh yes! I must’ve bought 20 books when that happened.

20) Packing lightly can be an issue; can you really be expected to pack all of your reading material in just two carry-ons?
LOL! I do tend to overstock on books when traveling. I then have to unpack and choose which one or two books should I bring with me.

24) You fantasize about meeting a romantic interest in a bookstore… Er, pretend you didn’t read that part.

25) And you always judge your potential significant others based on their bookshelves. Atlas Shrugged is more of a red flag than bad manners.
Hey, literary tastes say a lot about a person just like music and movies tastes do. No harm done.

27) “So, what do you for fun?” is an anxiety-inducing question. Apparently, most people don’t really think reading is all that fun.
Sigh. So true.

31) …and your ideal Friday night involves wine, a comfy chair, and getting lost in a great book.
Yes, and no, I am not a loner 🙂

It’s a cute list. Check it out!