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I came across this blog post by author Alexei Maxim Russell, where he breaks down the six types of writers. Don’t worry, he explains that he is not looking to offend  any writer, and he thinks all types have their value. He even says we all have these traits, but some have more of the traits than others.

Click here for original image on Jim Delorey's website

Click here for original image on Jim Delorey’s website

So, here they are:

The Space Cadet
The Angry Man/Woman
The Greasy Palm
The Ray of Sunshine
The Weird Recluse
The Bitter Failure

I am a combination of The Space Cadet and The Angry Woman. I do live in my head a lot, which can be annoying for myself and others. However, my journalism background and my angst-y ways gives me the title of Angry Woman. Some story ideas I hope to develop may be an opportunity for me to vent about social issues or other things that bother me. Hopefully those ideas won’t be a soapbox or that would annoy readers.

So I live in my head, pondering why things are the way they are, get upset and look to vent about it. Yeah, that sounds somewhat like me!