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Ah, so many TV shows, so little time!

OK, I want to go over the shows I am watching now, and what I think of them now. Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo

First off, Once Upon A Time. Yeah, that show. I swore I wouldn’t watch that anymore after a beloved character was unnecessarily killed off. But I came across a forum thread about it and read about a honest talk Regina and Snow White (I prefer calling her that over just plain Snow because it makes me think of a powdery substance some people stick up their noses). So I found that episode OnDemand and thought it was a fairly good episode. The whole Wicked Witch-Rumple storyline is silly, and I feel so sorry for Robert Carlyle. He’s a great talent, and that’s being mistreated on this program, which is a big train wreck now. And what is with Zelena’s hellbent determination to travel back in time? Yeah, she wants to correct what went wrong for her, but in regards to the grand scope of the whole show, its just…ugh, what’s going on here? On the plus side, that heart-to-heart talk between Regina and Snow White was a long time in the making, and I’m sure fans of the show have been aware of that. I’m glad those two had that chat. It was clear to me that Regina just wanted to make Snow White miserable and not really kill her. There needed to be some healing between those two, which is a happy ending in some ways.The_Americans_Intertitle

The Americans keeps getting awesome. I’m more drawn to the storyline regarding Elizabeth and Philip, and their children, Paige and Henry. I like how Paige becoming a Christian is tormenting Philip’s conscience, yet I’m nervous how far Elizabeth would go to stop Paige from getting more involved in her church. The fact that those two willingly lie to their children about everything – who they are, where they came from, just everything to the core! – boggles me. What deceptive parents they are. They’re totally contradicting themselves by insisting they love and care for their children, yet they lie like hell to them. Holy crap. And how can they just stand there while Henry cried over his remorse for breaking into a neighbor’s house just to play video games, and not have that truly tear at their conscience? And I am, tear! Not the whole, whoa we aren’t good people either, but hey its for the Motherland! That’s not true remorse. Their kids are better than them, and while Philip is aware of that, Elizabeth is going to be more of problem with Paige. I’d like to see this play out, and I’m really looking forward to an episode when the kids find out who their parents really are. Ah, consequences!

Orphan Black is back, and it is so good so far! I always love it when two or more of the clones are in the same scene together. Just like in the first episode when Sarah and Cosima were skyping with Alison. That is such a treat for fans. And the twists and turns are so awesome. I have no idea where this show is going, especially with Helena actually being alive, but I’m looking forward to everything. Just one complaint: can they stop with the gay stereotypes when it comes with Felix? Yeah, some gay guys are like that, but not all. It’s annoying. At least he’s good comedy relief.

And then there’s Game of Thrones. I am so glad as everyone that King Joffrey is dead and gone. Woo-hoo! Ding dong, the Game_of_Thrones_title_carda**hole is dead! But whoa, am I having a hard time dealing with the gratuitous nudity, sex and gore on this show. It’s always been part of Game of Thrones, but I’m tired of it. And I certainly am sick of the rape on this show. Yeah, this is a brutal world where women are not treated well, but come on, knock it off already! It’s almost like rape is being mocked here. Oh yeah, enough of the cannibalism. I like to snack while watching my shows, and nausea is not a good thing. Seriously, what is worse: rape or cannibalism? Both make me shudder, but there’s something more barbaric and frightening about cannibalism that makes it worse than rape. I mean, as a woman, rape terrifies me. But cannibalism strikes more fear in me than that. Hmm, sounds like another post for me?

Anyway, it looks like things are going to start really moving with the next episode. The White Walkers appear to be finally, well, walking. Jon Snow is ready to take action, and I’m glad Sansa’s story arc is about to take off too. I’ll be tuning again this Sunday!