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…or at least, I think it did!

A few weeks ago, I was on Pinterest, checking out my feed page, when I came across a meme titled, “6 Sentence Synopsis Method”.

Turns out, it was a list that gave tips on creating a synopsis for your story. The method was made up by Australian author, Natasha Lester, who has written two books with another one on the way. I am thrilled she came up with this method because it has helped me arrange my ideas for “The Dark Proposal’s” sequel.

Before finding her method, I had several ideas for the sequel, but I had trouble putting them altogether, creating a theme, and an overall meaning of not just the sequel, but the whole trilogy. These six sentences have been a lifesaver for me.

Click here to read Natasha Lester's blog post on synopses!

Click here to read Natasha Lester’s blog post on synopses!

I’d say out of all the writing tips out there, this one has been one the most helpful for me.

Thank you, Natasha!