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Well, what a year it has been with some of my favorite TV shows! Like many, I’ve been watching Game of Thrones, Orphan Black, The Americans and House of Cards. I even binge-watched the second season of Salem. So, with the first half of the year over, allow me to review the shows I’ve watched during this time!


Wow, what a wild ride this season was! All the seasons of Game of Thrones is a wild ride, but this one had an obvious feminist take on it. All the major female characters took a major part in the game, and even became the actual game players. It was great to see Sansa Stark rise and become the smart woman she is now. And I am so glad she got her revenge on Ramsay Bolton! That smirk on her face was one for the ages. Game_of_Thrones_title_card

The ending of the Season 6 was something else. I’m still so upset over Cersei using the weaponry on the High Sept, killing hundreds of people. That whole scene seemed over the top for me, and I’d like to know how Jaime is going to handle knowing his beloved sister did something he tried to stop so many years ago. I am also still sad Queen Margery is dead. As sneaky and untrustworthy she was, she was a smart woman who knew who to play the game. I was wondering how she was going to slither her way out of the High Sparrow’s grasp, but looks like we’ll never know. Sigh!

And what about Jon Snow?! Of course, everyone knew he was coming back from the dead. And I am so glad his true parentage has been revealed. That was a secret that couldn’t be kept quiet. And he’s King of the North now! We all know how that ended last time, but there’s no way Jon is going to die twice.

I am feeling bummed that the Season is over, and we all have to wait 10 months before Season 7 begins. But it is good to know that when it does, sh*t is really going to get real in Westeros!

What a great, underrated show. I don’t understand how it does not get Emmy or Golden Globe nominations. I know there’s a lot of great shows out there, but this one needs to be recognized.


What a great fourth season this show had! Last year, there was a huge cliffhanger where daughter Paige told her pastor that her parents were Russian spies. This season, we saw the intense consequences of that action, along the consequences of the other actions both Philip and Elizabeth do for the sake of making the world a better place. It was painful to see what they did to Martha, and Yung-Hee and her family. But it was interesting to see Elizabeth’s iciness begin to thaw, and to see her question – even just a little bit – whether all she was doing was worth it. That is something we have seen both characters do since the very first episode, and it is a question that keeps growing bigger for them, Philip especially.

But the question now is, how loyal will Paige remain to her parents? And when will the writers do something for Henry, who seems to just exist to make noise during intense scenes?

This show keeps getting better and better, and I don’t mean simply because of Tatiana Maslany’s acting. Although the latter continues to astound me, the storyline of this show keeps getting better.

Image via Flickr via Creative Commons

Image via Flickr via Creative Commons

I liked how this season, we finally got a look at what drove Beth Childs to suicide, and it was great to see the Neolutionists play a role in this show again. Too bad, they are incredibly ruthless and scary. But looks like no one is as scary and ruthless as Rachel is, the evil clone. I doubt she’s going to last Season 5; Sarah seems to have good reason to knock her off. Better Rachel than the much loved Cosima!

One thing: is the show ever going to explain how Sarah’s daughter, Kira, was able to survive getting hit by a car in Season 1? I hope so because it is never good to leave a loophole that keeps viewers guessing.

My god! If there was ever a character, or characters, to love to hate, it is Frank and Claire Underwood. To me, they represent all that is awful in the world – and it is addictive to watch them. Grrrr!

Image via Wikimedia Commons

Image via Wikimedia Commons

I just want to know what will stop these two? What or who will stop them? Because it looks like nothing, not even each other. They play dirty, even though their world is a filthy one (politics, I mean). I guarantee in Season 5, more people are going to die because of them. By that, I mean, the New York governor running against Underwood in the election, or Claire’s new boyfriend. Hey, remember what happened to her last paramour?

The writing and dialogue on this show continues to be amazing, especially the last line of the season: “We don’t run from terror; we make the terror.”

I really liked the first season of this WGN show, so when Season 2 came to Netflix, I happily binged-watched. Unfortunately, it was a dissatisfying season. Salem_-_Title_Card

It started off OK, but then the story line began taking too many odd turns. I also felt the acting was much weaker this season, and some actors might have been miscast in this show. For example, the guy who plays John Alden just doesn’t fit. He fits as a witch hunter, but not as a romantic hero. The final lines of the season, where he whispers, “I love you, I love you” over and over to a supposedly dying Mary Sibley, sounded awkward.

I also don’t like where this show is going. It was so sad to see Mary and John’s young son turn into a vessel for the devil, and the weird things this devil wants to do with Mary is really creepy. Also, I wish Anne Hale didn’t turn to the dark side, so to speak. I think it would’ve been better if she kept wrestling with her powers rather than quickly become an evil witch in her own way. It was too quick for me.

But I’ll give the third season a shot, in hopes that everything is turned around for the better. Right now, it seems like the writers don’t know what to do with the show. Let’s hope they fix what started off as a good show.