Author Interview Guidelines

As I mentioned in October 2012, I will be granting interviews to self-published authors here on this blog.

Here are the guidelines if you would like to be profiled here:

  • On either Tuesday or Friday, I will post a Q&A of an author, preferably a self-published author I am open to writers of all publishing platforms, but I want to support my fellow self-pubbed writers.
  • Although this blog has a gothic atmosphere, and I write urban fantasy/paranormal, but I am open to other genres. I’m not someone who only reads about vampires and such; I do branch out into other genres when I read for leisure. I recently read Kushiel’s Chosen by Jacqueline Carey, which is an alternative history/fantasy series, so I wouldn’t mind profiling someone who writes a crime thriller, or a chick lit.
  • You must have a book already published, or set to be released at a nearby date. No WIPs, and if your book is to come out next year, I’ll set you aside for a closer date.
  • I will not be reviewing any books as I do not have the time to do so. Apologies!
  • I have the right to not interview or post any interviews from someone who is too pushy or uncooperative with me. While I am doing you a service, I am the gatekeeper to getting your interview posted on this blog. Don’t be rude to the one who calls the shots. Just be polite and cooperative, and I will work with you 🙂
  • Interviews are not to be copy and pasted anywhere, as they would be a copyright violation. I conduct the interviews, so therefore the entire thing is to stay here on this blog. Links to the interview are fine, but not anything copy and pasted.

Are you still there and interested? Then here is how I will conduct the interviews:

  • My questions will not be fluff. I won’t ask if you’re a cat or dog person, or a Pepsi or Coke person. I’d like to get to know you as a person and an author.
  • Although interviews are not supposed to be subjective, I’ll talk about a topic that you want. Meaning, if you want to talk about the ups and downs of writing your recent book, what you’ve learned while self-publishing, etc., please let me know so I won’t be all over the place with my questions.
  • Here is how I conduct my interviews: Author Interviews

So, if you are interested in this, drop me a line at megancashmanbooks [at] gmail [dot] com. Please provide links to your website/blog, your social media profiles, and your book(s) so I could get an idea on who you are, and so will everyone else.

Hope to hear from you!

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