Video Services for Authors

Along with author interviews on my blog, I am also offering video services for other authors. I can offer either book trailers or video interviews at affordable prices so authors will have other ways of reaching their audiences.

I can make two kinds of book trailers: teaser/cover reveal or full length. The teaser/cover reveal is less than one minute and offers a brief summary of the book while revealing the cover to audiences. It’s a fun way to both promote a soon-to-be released book and gets readers excited when they see the cover.

The full length version can be up to four minutes long, and will allow the opportunity to go deeper into the story.

Each trailer will be provided with graphics, music, and images via Creative Commons. If we agree to work together, you and I will work out on which images and sounds will be used for the trailers. I am open to ideas, and willing to work with yours!

I will be using Final Cut Pro 7 to edit the trailers

To get an idea of what each could look like, take a look at the two trailers I made for my book:




Being a journalist and videographer, I can offer authors a chance to have video interviews which can be uploaded onto their websites and social media sites. I will basically ask the same questions I do for my website’s author interviews, only I will include cutaways of the author writing or typing. Its a great way for audiences to learn more about an author’s writing process.

Unfortunately, since I live in New York City, this service is only available in the tri-state area. If traveling were possible, I would offer this to so many other places.


Teaser/Cover Reveal Trailers:               $100
Full Length Trailers:                              $150
Author Interviews:                               $200


If interested, please feel free to contact me at megancashmanbooks [at] gmail [dot] com.