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It’s that time of year again! Game of Thrones is back, and so are my Sunday nights!

I admit I was dreading this season after all the horror from last year. But hey, there’s a lot to look forward to, especially if you accidentally read the comments section of YouTube and the Huffington Post (like yours truly did). But I’ll be ready April 6th with all my snacks, or hang out at one of the many bars hosting Game of Thrones parties around NYC. It will be a party worth attending!

In other TV commentaries…

I’ve hopped on the “House of Cards” bandwagon. Everyone I know and their grandmother is watching this, so I had to check it out. Oh. My. God. Engrossing, jaw-dropping, and Kevin Spacey was meant to play Frank Underwood. As villainous as that character is, Spacey is mesmerizing in the role. Robin Wright is amazing too, and its nice to see her as someone other than Princess Buttercup. Also, isn’t scary to think about how much those in DC could very easily be getting away with?

The Americans is getting very good. I always figured that Elizabeth and Philip would be faced with choosing between their children and the Motherland. While they aren’t there yet, I can see it coming. And with their daughter, Paige, getting suspicious and rebellious, things are ticking away.

Oh, I’m pretty much done with Once Upon A Time. So sad, that started off as a great show. But after Bae’s death, its just not worth it. Its painful to see all the talent on that show wasted. 😦

Orphan Black starts on April 16th! Can’t wait to see Tatiana Maslany in all her glory! Or should I say glories? 😉

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