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Today, fellow vampire author and blogging buddy, Francis J Franklin, nominated me for the Inner Peace Award. I am very flattered and honored to receive this award, which Frank gave to me due to our love of vampire fiction and my review of his novel.

Click here for the origins of this award

Click here for the origins of this award

This award was started by Summer 4 Soul, who talks about inner peace and spreading love on her blog. She says:

We all are born with a pure heart. That ‘pure inside’ of you, will always be a part of you no matter what. And when you have a hard time, don’t ever quit believing in your goodness. Because it’s your gift to know and share about Peace, Love and Respect with every living being on earth and also important..with yourself.

Like all other blogging awards, I had to nominate someone in return. It didn’t take me long to choose Victoria Grefer, who’s writing blog is one of the most insightful I know. I also love how she engages with her readers and chats with them about the challenges and rules of novel writing. Ms. Grefer is indeed spreading peace in the blogosphere. I urge you to check it out!