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This is just a post about random things about this blog and myself.

First off, I want to give a shout out to Melissa Maygrove and thank her so much for her very successful Follow Fest, which I took part in on Tuesday. It was so great to meet so many new writers and to see their work. I tried to get to as many blogs as possible, and I’ll try to get to those I missed. If anyone participated in Follow Fest, and I didn’t stop by yet, I deeply apologize.

As for those who did stop by mine, I want to say again, hello and great to meet you! It’s cool for authors to supportive of each other, especially since writing requires solitude and the only time we work with others is when we’re getting ready to publish our work. I hope we can all remain in touch!

Now how is life going for me? Swell! It’s finally autumn, so it’s getting cooler out and darker earlier. But that means Halloween is around the corner!

At the same time, though, I’m also thinking that it will soon be one year since Hurricane Sandy ravaged my hometown of Staten Island. My gosh, what an event that was! Even though I am living in a different part of New York City now, I still feel pride over how Staten Islanders came together during that time. Even though we sadly gained national attention for having the highest death toll in the city, we also gained it by coming together. That was amazing.

But in the meantime, I’m getting ready for the fall season of my favorite shows. Season 3 of “Once Upon A Time” is starting this Sunday, and I am really looking forward to it. Last season was a bit of roller coaster because some episodes were good but others were puzzling. So here’s hoping this season is better.

Sadly though, one of my favorite shows was cancelled one week ago. BBC America’s “Copper” was cancelled literally two days before the finale of Season 2 aired, so I, along with devoted fans of the show, watched it with a heavy heart. Oh man! I heard there were budget issues and the ratings weren’t that stellar. But that was very good show and it promised for a storyline evolving to ever more intrigue at Five Points. I wish all the actors, writers, and everyone involved the very best 😦

I am still writing, as well as reading. I read during my morning commute. In case you are wondering why I do not write or take notes during then, keep in mind I take the subway to work, and it will not easy to get out a pen and pad to write amidst the chaos. Writing takes a different concentration for me than reading, so such a fast pace wouldn’t help me much. Also, I need to read because I need to learn from others, and well, because I love it!

I’ll be posting a review of the last book I finished next week.