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As I continue working on the sequel to The Dark Proposal, I am regularly challenged by my busy schedule. I once mentioned in a previous blog post that having a full time job has made it harder to find writing time. It also doesn’t help that I am also searching for a new job, which is a huge task in itself. But my life is no different from the vast majority of writers, so I have to find a way to squeeze in my writing while doing taking care of other priorities.

One way I have been getting the sequel done is taking notes during my lunch break, my commute or even for a few brief minutes before I go to bed or head out somewhere. I’ve been keeping a small notebook with me in case a scene or an idea pops into my head, and I have to write it down or else I would forget it.

Since I’ve been doing this a lot lately, I wonder if this is another way of writing helter skelter style. For those who do not know, helter skelter writing is when you write a scene here and there, rather than writing from beginning to end, which is what I did for my first book. I once took a novel writing course where the instructor who recommended helter skelter writing, and I tried it myself the year following the course. But it didn’t work with me, and I went back to my chronological writing style (BTW, I don’t know if helter skelter is the correct term for writing here and there, but I’ve seen it used on some writing forums).

Anyway, as I scribble in my notebook, I wonder if I’m actually getting my book done. I may be, because whatever notes I take or brief scene I write, it will likely end up in my book. My life is totally different compared to two years ago, when I was unemployed and had plenty of time to write whenever I could. But I guess because I was, and am, so insistent on sticking to the chronological method, I feel like I’m too disorganized to get my book done.

At the same time, though, I feel like I’m finally making progress. Pantsing and writing chronologically is a little tough with a busy schedule like mine. So when an idea comes and I write it down, I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere. The only downside is that sometimes I write something that will belong in the third and final book of my trilogy. But hey, might as well make note of it before it is forgotten.

I’m getting excited again for my follow-up. It’s hard and confusing to write a sequel because I wasn’t so sure how often I should refresh anyone’s memory, if I should at all. Plus, I have the backstory of the first book to keep in mind while writing another story. I’ve been referring to this blog post by Janice Hardy to help guide me with this sequel. My plan is to keep what happened in The Dark Proposal to be like a shadow for the second book while other issues will be front and center here, some which were touched on the first book. Meaning, what was briefly mentioned in my first book will be a major part in my second book. I just hope I balance everything.

But I think I will. Just rid the doubt out of my head, and keep writing. The few chapters I’ve written and the many scenes I’ve noted have me pumped and ready. I’m eager to share what becomes of Claire after being forced to be a vampire, and how Daniel is after he got everything he wanted. What I am most excited about is the other characters. Some of the vampires were mostly in the background in The Dark Proposal, but here they will be more developed and have bigger roles in the story. I’m excited about that because as I get to know them and tell their story, I’m also explaining how the vampire world functions and I get to tell about my version of vampires. It’s all cool and good 🙂

That being said, I am going to make an announcement here. Because of my schedule, I am going to cut back from blogging for now. I’ve thought about this for a while, and it wasn’t easy to make this decision because I love sharing and discussing my thoughts on writing with others. But with finding a new job (I am currently employed, just need something better) being a major priority for me, along with my writing, I will blog only once a week now, on Tuesdays. Once I get hired somewhere, I will go back to twice a week. But until then, priorities!